The Becomming

"I was in the cave that night. She trembles speaking of things held in silence since that time. My mother hid me or I would have died with them... " "So you are still among the living, huh?" A smirk crosses his face. "I figured he would have turned you when you reached a certain age. And I hope you never left any of your friends alone with him only to have him say they had to leave all of a sudden."
"You are a bastard."
"I learned from the best, I have to say. "
"Michael did not kill my family, he wouldn't... he grieved. This was a wasted trip." Stepping back not sounding as arrogant. "If Michael made you he wasted the gift on you." She wanted to hurt him as he had hurt her, instead Robyn senses he speaks what he believes is true and it shakes her confidence.

" Oh well here is a present for your uncle, send him my best." He walks up to her and makes a grab. Her dancer's reflexes are swift and feline in movement as she moved swiftly through the crowd. So he grabs air. He follows her just as quickly making it into a game for himself. The constant brush of the crowd against her skin, anger raise magick, but of a sudden she yells as loud as possible "FIRE" Casting the magick outwards she impresses on the minds of those closest to her "FIRE GET OUT." Panic spreads like wild fire -memory of the events in Rode Island earlier in the week. People move quickly towards the door Robyn rides that wave out of the building. Chris makes his way out of the club by the fire escape. Giving him more room to work his powers that Michael could have never have taught him. He looks up and down the alleyway for any sign of her.

She protects her mind, figuring she was bat bait anyhow, but she wasn't going down without a fight. Not by a long shot. She heads towards the nearest car once she escapes the crowds-slight of hand- the door opens as if she had a key. She whispers softly as she catches her breath "Lady and Lord help this fool...I promise I'll never question him again..." closing her eyes this time, her hand over the ignition she sends energy thru the ignition envisioning it traveling down the wires to the sparkplugs. The car groans and coughs and stops.

He catches sight of her as she gets into the car, his eyes go white as he concentrates 2 black arms grab the cars bumper holding on to it. Robyn gets the engine started, and attempts to drive away, but the strange shadowy black vines hold the Jetta. He quickly makes way from the alley to where the car is, using the arms of the abyss to speed his journey… She opens the driver's side door and hits the ground running, Barbie shoes in hand.

One of the arms makes a grab for her. Her eyes widen, she fights fear that threatens to paralyze her as it grabs one of her legs and slowly inches its way up. The black arm holding tight but not so tight it cuts the circulation. She kicks and screams. "No!"
He calmly walks in front of her. His eyes change from white to a light blue as he says in a firm calm voice " Stop!" Her magick caressing his mind gently with the impulse to let her go-just as she stops trying to escape.

His hatred for her uncle is not enough to affect his control. Chris turned her head to the side exposing her neck, and leaned over Robyn savoring his conquest. His touch, the chase, the texture of the ground, a brush of his coat, the brush of his lips over her throat skin stir the magick in her being focusing it, it courses through her being as certain as a lightening storm, raising the hairs all over his body.

She whispers, "You really should learn the meaning of no…" The energy shocks him knocking him back a few feet, breaking his concentration, just enough for Robyn to get to her feet. "If anyone is going to embrace me, it will be Michael…not some looser who uses his misfortune for an excuse to be cruel…"

Chris hits the ground rolling, kicking up from the ground back onto his feet. His eyes turn from Red to White as he brings 2 black arms from the shadows. He points his finger in her direction and the two arms starts to swing in her direction. Robyn jumps backwards, pivots and runs for her life. The years of dance practice came to her aid now and she possessed a natural quickness.

It was pure pleasure for Chris, hunting this one down. One of the arms makes a grab for her legs as the other tries to attack her exposed back. She senses his cold magick and jumps, running zigzag down the alleyway. Chris uses the shadows passing through them incredibly fast, closing close the gap. Closer and closer, until with one grab he can bring her down- when he is ready. She looks over her shoulder sensing his cold magick - but nothing was there. She turned a corner and flew like a gazelle. He tired of the game now and grabbed her from behind. He wrapped one arm around her body pinning down her arms and placed a hand over her mouth as he turns her head and sinks his fangs into her flesh.

Desperate to escape him, Robyn employs the iron will of great practice to cast one last spell…she had practiced this one over and over again until it had become quite natural so it came at her calling…the laws of physics turned the motion of Chris' bite against him, her skin pushed back with the kinetic energy. She trembles with his weight against her, his smallest movement stirring magick

This has never happened before usually its insert, drink and leave; but this chick was different by a mile. He tries his damdest to force his fangs into her. "Don't…. please." Robyn was loosing the battle, exhaustion made it On The Feed - 1996  from Dark Gothic Libarariesimpossible to focus and she begged for her life the same way Chris's mother had begged for Chris to be spared by her uncle. Chris would have his revenge; his fangs pierced her flesh, her warm potent blood gushes into his mouth surprising him with its purity. The girl might not look it but her blood was still pure and it turned his senses to fire. Magick of innocence and mage intoxicated him.

He listened carefully for the slowing of her heart… Her eyes now closed, enthralled with his bite her arms banded around him, her life force with its gift of magick draining from her- there it was, the tunnel and the light, she was floating blissfully upwards -Chris had stopped drinking, he took his arm to his mouth, ripping it open, placing it to her mouth…the taste of his blood burns, dragging her back out of tunnel, the cold ground digging into her back as she tried to refuse him, but the will to survive was greater- and held his arm her mouth and drank greedily.

He closes his eyes for a moment to enjoy the feeling of her taste of him for the first time, finally he pulls his arm away from her and talks to her #Dominate Mesmerize# "Sleep no". He spoke in a cool calm voice. As her eyes close with his command to sleep, she says, "I want more." She falls into an exhausted dreamless sleep. A smirk crosses his lips "Okay Claudia when you are ready you can." He lifts her up in his arms as she goes to sleep and takes her to his car near the club and takes her to one of his safe houses.


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