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The Becomming

I wish I may. I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight
I want the star I want it now I want it all and I don't care how
Careful what you wish. Careful what you say
Careful what you wish You may regret it.
Careful what you wish You just might get it.
(Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett)

Robyn settled into the suite at the Burswood Apartment Hotel, in Perth. With a quick shower she dressed for an evening of clubbing. She stopped and spoke with the concierge who proved to be most helpful telling her the hottest nightspots, Goth clubs and Raves in the city. He provided her with cards to each and more than a few comp'ed cover charges. When the taxi arrived to pick her up, Robyn handed the driver all the cards. He laughed "All these in one night." She nodded "Yes the ones you think are best first…I'm a tourist or can't you tell?" A few moments later she was seated in the back being driven through the streets of Perth…"First stop, The Underground"- the driver said as he opened the door. "Are you sure you want to go in alone?" Robyn nodded emphatically yes. "Okay, Ms. The entrance is down that alley…"

She walks down the alley to where the door is supposed to be. A bouncer stands in front of the door with a line of people waiting to get in. She waits talking to some of the locals. She's dressed in a black leather skirt and black leather and silk vest blouse that exposes a little of her tummy and silver belly ring. Her sun streaked ashen hair gleaming down her back in the dim light.

The bouncer points to her motioning to the door as he drops the velvet rope. A playful grin lights her eyes and she hands him a tip as she passes thru. "Thanks." Once inside the club is jumping. A Laser Light show moves with the beat that the Djs are spinning. It is a rave in a controlled environment. She moves through the crowd nearly tempted to dance, she draws up her personal shields to those pressing into her. Someone takes her wrist and pulls her deeper into the crowd, moments later she is dancing, laughing, she moves towards the bar again thru the sea of people inside.

As she nears the bar she sees a young white male in his mid twenties, dressed in today's fashion but the air around him is like that of her uncle's presence around the house and office. He is having a drink while looking up at one of the many TV monitors. She stands behind him- a shiver of intuition going through her. He leans back in the chair as he motions the bartender to bring him another one. Robyn suddenly feels underdressed as he bumps into her. Chris feels the bump he turns around to see Robyn standing right behind." Sorry." As he returns back to watching the monitor. She touches his shoulder with the lightest of touches, recognizing him from picture in the file…"Mr. Hoyt?"

He turns fully around this time. "Yeah?" Her stormy green eyes meet his, uncertain of what exactly to say. "I am Robyn Mac Allister and I've come along way to meet you." Her voice carrying over the music, though she doesn't speak loudly.
"You have huh? Why is that?"
Cleverness was never her strong suite, so she opts for the truth. "Michael Youngblood is your "father" and my uncle." "Oh really, you don't say." A smirk crosses his face. "How is the old man? " She reads his surface thoughts, searching for his intent she stammers. "He is well..." --stunned by the bitter hatred that burns through his mind. "But I don't see what that has to do with me. Ms. Mac Allister. I broke free from your uncle along time ago."
"Michael is my only family, Mr. Hoyt." She stops. Silenced by his words realizing her mistake.
"Who knew that son of a bitch had a family, I thought people like that where already grown."

"Broke free?" Her heart beat like some wild thing. "I am mistaken, Mr. Hoyt..."
"Mr. Hoyt was my fathers name before your uncle took him away from me, I'm Chris."
"Chris, you cannot possibly be talking about Michael... "

"Oh but I am, Miss Mac Allister. Your Uncle broke my family and turned me into this just for kicks." A sense of hatred is in his voice. "Oh let me guess he is one of these uncles that can do no wrong, very protective and respectful." He laughs "What a joke. The old man must have turned soft. But that is not the Youngblood I know. That's fine with, no skin off my back, oh wait there was a time that he beat me in front of my mother. "

"Why, why would my uncle do that?" His words cut her soul.
" 'Cause your uncle is a sick twisted bastard that has to get his way and crush those that get in it." She had heard enough bad things about Michael and she defended him. " You are angry because he stopped your reckless ways and this, this is how you repay him sending you away to protect you..." She runs her thumbs down the inside of her silk covered arms; magick crackles over her skin (1) "Michael is a good man; he took me in when my parents disappeared in the desert, Chris."

Chris stops to laugh, "He sent me away to protect me? Who told you that? You've been lied to girl. I ran away from your uncle, I'm sorry about your parents, but maybe they got in his way and he felt bad about it."
Anger stirred in Robyn but she spoke calmly. " Michael had NOTHING to do with their deaths..." "Do you know that for sure?" He asks but can tell by the look in her eyes, she knows, she more than knows. "Yes, I do." "As I remembered it," Chris twisted the "knife" expertly "James always did handle the disappearances. The man was a genius about it…His own family was not safe if Youngblood was angry."


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