When the Student is Ready; The Teacher Arrives...
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Twelve nights later when Robyn and Windstorm came in from their evening exploration. Robyn slid wearily from the saddle and began grooming the mare. The full moon lit the barn like a huge spotlight as Robyn brushed and tended Windstorms hoofs.

"That's a nice horse." A very calm, young sounding voice said from the door. "Yes, she is." Robyn smiled looking up from brushing Windstorm down. The sound of a leather duster moving against jeans could be heard as the man approached." What's her name?"
"Good name, and what's yours?"
Robyn stands up, dusting away the loose horsehair on her jeans and jacket "Robyn Mac Allister. I'd shake your hand but they are a bit hairy and dirty at the moment. "What's yours?" she asked while making a quick inspection of the horse's hooves.

"First rule of the arts, ask what someone likes to be called..." The red haired man said. His face was kind of boyish despite the lines at the corners of his eyes, and a few flecks of white at the temples. Robyn pats the horses neck, then her muzzle saying "good night lady" Turning and looking at him, taken back by his words. "What did you say?" His face didn't make it look like he smiled too much, and his eyes defied everything else. They were just old. Eternities old. He smiles a bit "First rule of the Arts, ask what someone likes to be called."
"Then what do you like to be called?" Her eyes sweeping over him, with an attempt to read his mind to determine his intent, a slow languid half smile plays at her lips. He offered his hand despite her earlier statement. "Stephyn Hunter."

"And that's what you like to be called?" Laughing softly as she took his hand. Her hand weathered from the desert. "A pleasure to meet you, Stephyn Hunter." His is worn a bit with other things than desert: time, age, and trials. "Something told me we should meet..."
"What something was that? Or is that what you say to all the girls?" Robyn teased."
"Oh, its just what the forces that be want...I kind of work for them now." Stephyn grinned. "Though I will have to try that as a pick up line... …but as the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear."

A nervous laugh escaped her. "Teacher?" He nodded and lifts his hand a slight glow about it, as he does, his eyes turn the color of moonlight. "Something like that." Startled by the display and more than a little intrigued. She whispered, "You are like me."
"Just with a bit more experience, but yes."

"And this is how it works... a teacher just appears...amazing." Shaking of the sense of awe "But where are my manners- can I offer you something hot to drink...and a place to talk that's more private?" As other guests arrive at the cottages from their daily trek or shopping; some of them bedded down their horses or dogs in the barn. Stephyn nodded. "Sounds like a good idea on all counts" and follows with a smile and whistling some tune down the path way to the furthest most cottage, set a good deal away from the others. She opens the door without a key. (-Slight of hand-)"Home sweet home."
"It's nice." Stephyn looked about the place. Moonlight streamed thru the French doors of the small but luxuriously appointed cottage.

Robyn removed her jacket and hung it on the coat rack. It's comfortable. Gestured pillow-backed couches in the small living room. "Where do you come from Stephyn?"
"I think that is a Mystery the earth will ponder for some time...but I was born in Ireland. He responded. Robyn was already pouring water into a copper kettle and putting it on the stove. "A lovely place, I've heard..." Studying him openly. "You are older than you appear..."
"Quite a bit and not at all at the same time. I was born in 1976...but have lived for about...." He thinks for a long moment. "Around a thousand years or so...I've lost count" Looking sidelong at him "It's time magick, isn't it? Then asks "Coffee or Tea? Taking down two large mugs from the cabinet. "its like it stands still and I can see past, present, and future all at one time. Very weird."

"Coffee. Please." Stephen answers then "I wont lie, it doesn't get easier, you just learn to filter what you want and ignore the rest." Robyn opens a bag and tosses it into the cup, pouring the steaming water over it. "I had a feeling you might say that..."

"So I guess we start with what you think you know and go from there" Stephyn began. Robyn puts the cup on the bar, with a small basket of cream, sugar and spoon etc. "That I do not know much and need to know more. Magick flows through me" she whispers very quietly "Sometimes using me like a lightening rod..."
Stephyn queried further. "It does that. The question is if you ground out or burn out?"
"Hmm…something told me to send it into the ground...and I did. It works. But sometimes I fall into an un-natural sleep after. I sense ghosts and can see auras sometimes... the time things and some things that amount to parlor tricks like reading minds or impressing my thoughts on another..."
"Not bad, it can be honed... The important thing to remember is: don't let people see you do it.
"How can it be honed? It comes and goes when it pleases, and seldom when I summons it."
"Everyone has a different way of doing things...Stephen explains. "I only need to concentrate and it happens...it all depends on what you believe in. So what do you believe in Robyn MacAllister?"

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