10:30 PM Las Vegas, Nv.
Robyn didn't call Angelo at sunrise the night she arrived in Perth. (10 hour time difference) He headed straight from the Mirage to Michael's Penthouse. He would not take no from James or that Michael was not there. He would not trust anyone with the recording he had made of his and Robyn's last day together. And the little mortal hedge wizard had mind games of his own he played with James to get him to comply.

He quickly told Michael who he was…"Look, man, you need to see this. Now". His voice insistent. "Robyn is missing. She was supposed to call me from Perth this morning. -She went to see a 'son' of yours. She didn't call." Angelo is frantic and obviously extremely worried about his friend. "Robyn never misses checking in… I'm breaking Robyn's confidence even coming here. But Mr. Youngblood I believe that your niece is in danger." Michael motioned to James to wait . Michael sat back half amused, Angelo had stones to get past James and walk in his office. He of course already knew where his niece was at.

He hands Michael the digital camcorder. "It's already cued up sir, just hit the little red button."

Sunrise in the background painted the Vegas skies brilliant orange and blue through the plate glass windows of the Mirage suite. McCann was suffering from a nasty hangover. Becca shooed Angelo and Robyn out the door then ran at a dead run for the bathroom sliding in on her knees to pay homage to the porcelain god. Ragazy caught it all on film. Robyn's laughter can be heard in the background, Becca groans -"go away and let me die in peace." Ragazy handed Mac a helmet and a small pair of gloves. Moments later the two raced out across town and up into the mountains until they come to the dam from there they went towards Lake Powell... The two sat on the edge of the bluffs. The bike silhouetted against the red rocks of the Painted Desert. They watched the herons and cranes in flight back to their nests in the rocks. High above an eagle wheeled in the air, searching for prey. Robyn pointed out a coyote.

Angelo popped open a soda for her and a brew for himself. " Beautiful." Angelo said. " I know why you like this place so much Robyn." Angelo's demeanor grew more serious as he sat down beside her, their legs dangling over the edge. Robyn tossed a pebble into the river below them. "Why do you stay with him, Robyn?"
"Who? "
"Chica you have to know what he is? "
"What is he, Angelo? He's a businessman."
"Robyn, don't play with me. He is no man; he's one of the undead. Vampire."
"He is my uncle, Angelo. What of it, if he was? What harm have you seen him do? Tell me? He runs a Pharmaceutical company that helps millions including the poor. He raised me when my parents died and loved me as if I were his own daughter. I am the pampered, shielded heiress of a fortune. Educated at the best schools. Denied nothing, except being my uncle's friend. He needs nothing from me, Angelo."

"Does he know, Chica?" Angelo thought for a moment of what he was about to say, and then gently asked. "Does he know you are in love with him and have never taken another to your bed?" He grew bolder with each word. " Robyn he's nearly 90 years old as near as I can tell maybe older. You need to come talk with Vincent at the foundation house, before… "

"What?" Robyn turned to face him. "So I can spill my uncle's secrets? What makes you think I know anything? Do you think Michael is a fool Angelo?" Angelo pulled her to him, wrapping an arm around her waist, caressing her cheek wiping away her tears. "I did not mean to make you cry, Chica…" Magick flowed through her she could feel it as surely as one felt the approach of a lightening storm, it raced through her blood and then along the outside of her skin she knew he felt it too "Robyn, what is that?"
"Let go of me, Angelo, Now. I can't…."

The startled look in his eyes when the static magick shocked him making him land on his butt some four feet away. " That's new. Chica." He looked up at her and busted up laughing, "Was that last line something about controlling it?" He stood up and dusted off and rubbed his bruised butt. "You could rub this for me." He flashed a cheesy smile to Robyn. "You're doing a fine job, Ragazy." Tears glittered in Robyn's eyes as they laughed. She was not angry with Angelo. She always sensed he knew. Angelo was Arcanum. He was better than the family priest, he could know everything but could not tell anyone other than the order. But he had kept Robyn's secrets. Robyn had told Angelo bits and pieces of her own magical abilities…but of Michael, she had been as silent as the tomb. She had known her uncle was more than human since she was little. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know he did not breathe from sunrise till just before sunset. It simply didn't matter. Michael would never die and would not leave her as her parents had. He was strong enough to withstand the monster that took her parents away in the caves of Chaco Canyon.

But Ragazy was not going to stop and she knew it. The Agent in him wouldn't let him. A raven's feather landed next to her, she picked it up and twirled it between her thumb and forefinger. "Listen Ragazy because I will only say these things now and then forever deny them. My price for what I am about to tell you are the files on my uncle- *all* of the files are to be destroyed - I want to see that happen. Do you agree?"
"All right, I will destroy all files that contain information on your uncle and remove them from the databases as well. "I'll see to the past Journals as well." Angelo promised.
"Thanks Ragazy. It's the least I can do for him." Robyn spoke quietly.

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