It was after 3am when the trio tired out and returned to their suite. Robyn waited until Angelo and Becca went to bed…then she called home. She knew James would answer. "Good Morning, James…"
"Hello?" He recognizes the voice right away.
"How are you? You do know who this is? " Robyn asked.
"Ms. Mac Allister, Of course I know who this is… I helped raise you after all."
She smiled widely at his gruffness. "Where are you? Your uncle has been wondering about you." "He has?" Robyn was genuinely surprised and pleased. "He was less than happy with me when last we saw each other." "At any rate, I am in town again, and I've come across a name, maybe you can help me? "
"It shouldn't, your uncle is very fond of you, he wants nothing but the best for you, he doesn't want to see you hurt." James paused then said "Sure thing Robyn. What's the name."

"I know James, but lately he's been so distant. Robyn sighs softly. All right, the name is Christopher Xavier Hoyt. Robyn gives the name of the company he worked for, the date and other small pieces of information she gathered " Who is he, James?"
The phone goes silent for a few moments before James comes back on." Where did you get that name from?"
" Lets say I've been learning about Michaels 'second family' it's probably better you don't know."

"I see. Christopher was like a son to your Uncle, and your uncle rewarded him with the gift, but Christopher became reckless with the power your uncle gave him. "
"A stranger?" She murmurs. "His blood runs through our veins." James can almost hear the wheels turning in her head as she asks, "What did Michael do? "
"The Prince of Vegas at the time wanted to destroy Christopher, but your uncle sent him into exile. Last I heard he was in Australia."
"Prince? Robyn searched her memory…ohh the one who is over the clans?"
"Yes, Ms Mac Allister. "
"Where in Australia, James?" She asked quietly. "Michael would know exactly where he is… and he hides little from you."
"Why do you want to know?"
"He is in a sense my family, James. I want to talk to him." Robyn really didn't know why she wanted to talk to him -a romantic notion of family, perhaps.

I understand. James relents. "I believe he is in Perth. Perth, Australia. If you, go be careful it's not like Vegas there is no Prince there."
"Is a mortal safe anywhere, James with what I know?" The words are spoken without malice.
"You are right, just promise me that you will be careful."
"You cannot have fun being careful." She says with a devil may care laugh.
James doesn't laugh with her.
Robyn says seriously. "Yes, James, I'll be careful." She wants to tell him 'I don't know what the hell I am doing. I'm not sure why I am doing this…' But she doesn't.
"I won't tell your uncle you called or where you are going." James calmly said. "You need to find things out on your own."
" Thank you James, I don't want to worry him."
"Good night, Robyn"
"Good Night, James," she pauses for a moment then says "and James, please take care of him..."
"I will. "

Robyn hung up and called their usual travel agency within the hour she was packed. She would leave for Perth the next evening.

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