Las Vegas: The Mirage

4pm. The desert sun light the white on white décor of the suite in lovely shades of gold,casting rainbows where its rays passed through crystal prisms of chandeliers and candle stands. Mirrors caught the light and lit walls in pale silvery gold. Robyn walked around the suite at the Mirage, all was, as it seemed. Security was in place as best as she could make it. Rebecca and Angelo set everything up perfectly. She did not phone Michael to tell him she was back. No way would she bring him into this. If she were caught she would not have him blamed for it. She passed by one of the rooms where Rebecca now rested in a magically induced slumber. {1} Robyn managed to stop time long enough for 'Becca to hack into the Arcanum's main system. Magick still crackled in the coolness of the desert air.

All the careful investigation and work had paid
off in scoring files about the Kindred in a private organization known as the Arcanum. Rebecca might be a pain in the ass as a friend, but the snobby little rich girl's hacking skills were par excel~lant. Robyn watched with wonder as Rebecca routed the path of the Internet through a compromised system and then a re-route box. Becca turned with a very Cheshire grin. "Okay, girl, you have 6 minutes max". Becca strolled out of the room to grab a soda in the kitchenette, while Robyn located the files on the Kindred and downloaded them one after another. Becca arrived just as the last file began downloading. "Get out of there" They were being traced. She watched on the other monitor as the PinG made jumps through the various addresses that hid them. Concern etched Becca's face. "Damn it, Robyn get out of there now!" Without another word Becca pulled the plug on Robyn's laptop. Then shut down the others. Whoever was trying to trace them would end up at the San Francisco Bay Aquarium. The girls' hands slapped together in high five and strutted in a victory dance. The Arcanum {2} would not be able trace the source back to them or Michael. And with luck Rebecca would not remember what company was breached. {3}.

TreCOM Limo:

Michael's cell rang. One of his local spies Nathaniel Lewis left the following message: Robyn's back in town, sir. She's here at the Mirage in the South Tower Suite. Don't know what exactly they are up to. Her friends, Rebecca McCann and Angelo Ragazy set a suite up the suite with over a million dollars in computer equipment. The set up is breathtaking. Damn kids probably teethed on keyboards. My god what a set up! You really should see it sir. Anyhow, Management is unaware of this situation, Mr. Youngblood. Since she's your niece no one will interfere without hearing from you. You said to call if Ms. Mac Allister was in town. Good Night, sir. "

Back in the suite of the Mirage:

Robyn sat fine crystal goblet on the table next to her as the monitors began to light up with the infrastructure of all the Ventrue holdings in California, Arizona and Nevada and the apparent hierarchy of CEOs as the Arcanum understood them. On the next screen a tree the kindred clans, with small bits of information. On the third screen fragments of an ancient book said to have been written by Caine, the third mortal. Robyn sipped on a rich red wine and dined on sliced apples to sooth the "need"{4} to please the senses. She was becoming more and more sensitive to luxurious fabrics; fine wines, the exquisite taste of fresh apples, honey, gourmet meals… Robyn shook off the random thought as she continued to read with lightening speed, scrolling down, deleting the downloaded files as she completed each one. " Oh my God, Tio! I always thought you were Mafia- they are small fish in a very large pond those Italian families. " She whispered.

Intuitively she knew that vampires had infiltrated at all levels of government and it had always been so. She shivered uncontrollably from touching magicks web. She prayed no one picked up the ripple that touch may have caused. Robyn knew also, this was just a drop in the bucket in the knowledge of these powerful beings. And for the first time she understood Michael was vulnerable because of his "human" niece. She wondered how much he had sacrificed to keep her safe and untouched by his world.

Robyn continued to learn what she was up against. She had no desire to be sucked dry by some unknown vampire because of some stupid law they had broken with her very existence.

She canted her head reading a file on Hoyt, Christopher Xavier. Dazed for a moment by what she was reading...then she got on with it again. James was Michael's child, but he had two other sons -chylder as the files read. Jason Keith in Miami and Hoyt in Perth WAU...she shook her far was her Tio's reach? She had to meet Chris.

A knock at the front door broke the reverie, and the screens went black, the last of the files deleted and destroyed. {5} Angelo knocked again then slid a key in the lock. "Did someone call for a taxi, Miss?" Robyn laughed and led the way to Becca. "She had too much Friday night…can you see her home?" Angelo nodded yes. Hey Robyn, the orphanage was only to happy to arrange to have someone pick up this equipment tomorrow. Smiles all around. … Robyn was grateful as Angelo carried Becca away to another suite in the north tower.

The sun went down turning the gray storm clouds brilliant shades of vermilion, scarlet, crimson edged in brilliant purple and gold --as if someone melted a box of crayons. Robyn watched the sunset from the suite's balcony high over Sin City with a new appreciation for its splendor and color. There might come a time when this may be no longer see one of these miracles. She conquered the growing fear. {6} Fear was a proper reaction, to what she had learned. It would be terror if not for Michael.

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