Matt Damon, Napalm and the Sabbat??

Michael had left her at the garage, some business he had to attend too. She watched
him drive away until the doors of their private elevator closed. Energy both nervous
and magical course through her being till she threw punches in the air and screamedat the top of her lungs. They had fought and won. It rocked! Danger had found them, and Robyn stood her ground. It was a very good feeling.

Moments later she stood at the indoor pool wearing a one-piece black Speedo suit. She walked down the stairs into the cool water, and started to backstroke the length of the pool to clear her mind and consider the events of the evenings

She had begged Michael to drive to the pier 24- okay so she was mildly obsessed with Matt Damon, but what woman 14-26 wasn't? It was rumored he was buying a boat from
a ship builder. She just had to see it. So what if she had ticked off Matt's agent? She smiled. It was worth every minute of her uncle's displeasure. What had Matt's agent said? Ohh yes, she was a spoiled rich brat who needed her butt beat. Not exactly his words, she giggled evilly, but potty-mouth showed such a lack of character. She really must have rankled the agent's ire. Her grin spread from ear-to-ear as she thought of it. He had the corporate lawyer contact Michael --she would think of the next move later.

Oh, yeah: there would be a next move.

The wild desperations in the black woman's eyes haunted Robyn for though Michael, one of the paramedics &she had won their lives. The lovely black woman had lost hers, using all her strength and magick to defend Michael and Robyn so they could give warning. It quelled the high of battle the silliness of the little war with Matt' s agent. Robyn took a deep breath and tried not to think about those eyes the woman helpless in the water, begging for help. Michael moved quickly, ordering Robyn to dial 911, and then without any thought for his personal safety jumped into the murky water to save a total

The paramedics are on the way. Robyn waited at the edge of the pier, holding Michael's coat and her own, preparing to wrap them around the woman when Michael got her out. The woman kept saying over and over again: "Leave me. They are attacking the city. Sabbat." Warn the?? Robyn didn't hear whom she asked to warn-- her mind was whirling to words like vampires and satanic cults. {1.} Deep puncture wounds in the flesh of her neck as if something had bit her repeatedly and a huge gash in the woman's side, and so much blood. Robyn thought: Surely that was what she was talking about someone taking her blood like a vampire they were only myth and legend, the woman was obviously out of her head. The ambulance sirens were nearing. Michael ordered Robyn to go show the paramedics the way: all the while the woman pleaded for them to leave her. "THEY will kill you." she cried. "Don't make my death meaningless." At that moment, the pier shook as if there was an earthquake. Black foul looking creatures came up over the edge of the pier, their voices hissed when they spoke. Surely this was a really bad B- rated sci-fi movie Robyn remembered thinking at the moment she saw them.

When Robyn and the Paramedics returned Michael was carrying in the woman and ordering the paramedics to take the two women and leave, then pushing the woman into the first paramedic's arms and told Robyn to go with them, why? Robyn still wondered. Michael forced her to go with the paramedics against her will. She did not want to leave without him nor leave him to fight those, those, things (- whatever they were) by himself.

When Robyn tried to jump out of the back of the truck one of the ambulance drivers {2} pulled her back in, knelt on top of her and stuck a needle in her arm. She fought the drugs as the ambulance drove away. They hadn't gone a block when the engine exploded. One of the emergency crew was dead, the woman, was strapped to a gurney. And she could see Michael dwarfed by huge black beasts. Their voices hissed like snakes as they spoke. She shook her head trying to clear. Robyn prayed to the grandmother spirit. Did she answer? Is that why the magick worked? Robyn's brows furled. Robyn let the drugs alter reality. She had called to the fog and it listened.

By the time the fog was surrounding the bad guys. Robyn and the paramedic had the injured woman between them running like drunks towards Michael's car. Michael did the Antonio Banderas thing: running backwards with two handguns blaring away at the creatures.

The power of the black woman must have summoned her remaining strength (for Robyn was most certain it was) and worked magick to {4} ignite the gasoline flowing on the ground?¦ the fog blinded the creatures and the fire blew them to the hell they came from. Robyn fervently hoped. Sirens sounded all over the city as Michael's 66 Mustang roared to life. Robyn popped the door open and Michael jumped in.

The Paramedic carried the woman into the Emergency Unit. Michael and Robyn went home, knowing the woman they had fought to rescue was beyond their help now.

Robyn shivered, wrapping a towel around her. Those creatures, though, had to be either in really bad rubber creature of the black lagoon suits or it was the drugs? Shaking her head and laughing to herself, "had to be the drugs!"

Smoke of sweet amber incense rose over the tall orange pillar candle Robyn lit in memory of the brave woman on the nightstand near her moments later Robyn drifted off to sleep.

And slept well until the nightmares started.

{1} Vampires & Sabbat: Myths and legend and Satanic cult are Robyn's perception of what was said and what she saw.
{2} Dominate used against the ambulance driver for the tackle and needlework.
{3} Mage Spheres: forces and spirit- I think, can't remember.
{4} Mage Sphere: Forces.

End of Post: Matt Damon, Napalm and the Sabbat??
Posted on AOL 19-September -02

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