The Last Shreds of Innocense

"Damn you Ryan to the darkest regions of the umbra for telling me." She raged and screamed, as one possessed "Damn you!" Hot tears ran down her cheeks. The innocence of Michael and Robyn's relationship was forever lost. She hated Ryan making her face it.

It was after dawn when Michael's room was silent. She listened at his door, and then walked to the balcony to watch the sunrise, wondering how it must be for him never to see the colors of the dawn or the brilliant color of daylight. She also knew how much it hurt him to tell her the truth. There were no words for what Robyn felt for Michael. He was the one who held her when she was hurt or sad and did silly little things to cheer her up. Got in her face when she needed it. Taught her about living. He was her family. She had done him ill in her quest for knowledge. It weighed heavily upon her.

Robyn tossed a couple changes of clothes, her old wooden recorder flute and a few other things into a duffle bag. Then sat out on the balcony ruminating on the events of last evening.

She had gone to the First Eternal Life Club to meet a friend from the secretary pool at TRE COM Pharmaceuticals. It was supposed to be a relaxing evening to enjoy the ambiance of what was supposed to San Francisco's best Goth club and her friend's boyfriend's band. The friend had not shown up.

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? " Ryan had asked, surprising Robyn, nearly making her spring from the stool. She quipped that his line was tired and worn. He told her he was serious; the club was a place where vampires hung out. She thought he was joking. Then he spoke of things that would change her forever.

"Vampires? You must be kidding. They are only legend and myth- like fairies." Robyn said, hoping he would stop. She did not want to hear truths she was not ready to accept. "Vampires exist, Robyn" Ryan's sensual voice flowed over her. "They are here in this club, now. These vampires are of a sect called the Sabbat- they believe vampires should rule over mortals. Mortals are food." Then continued to tell her of the Sabbat and Cammarilla. He told her that vampires descended from Caine. Ryan waved Logan over, the two trading insults. Logan grinned at the "innocent", his milky fangs showing. Robyn's dark Vegas tan paled and she shivered uncontrollably.

More than Logan loomed in the dark of that club. Ryan and Robyn were to be their evening's entertainment, a ritual that Ryan did not have time to explain while they were under attack. Logan had fought along side Ryan and Robyn as they fought their way out of the club. In anger Ryan destroyed the club and he violated the laws of magick and reality ripped open for a brief moment and something that resembled an angel pulled him through.

"Good" Robyn thought now. "Let him rot there" She thought, then regretted it instantly. It really was not Ryan's fault she had hurt Michael. She just wanted to blame someone else for it, to lessen the pain she felt.

After having her hair totally blown back by truth and battle, she looked around for Logan- breathing easier when the vampire was nowhere in sight. Instinct took over and Robyn ran to the Flat Planet Cafe. She demanded to speak to Santiago. The men at the counter just pointed upstairs to Santiago's office. What followed was too embarrassing to think about she focused on the man's words. The images made her blush hard.

Santiago said they had been in the exact place Ryan and she were supposed to be at the right time. She hoped against hope that Santiago was not "screwing" with her head. He asked that she bring Michael to the chantry -the Sabbat would go after all that she loved and held dear. Did Santiago really mean to help them, to protect Michael from the Sabbat? Robyn knew in her heart that Michael would never allow her to protect him. It went against the grain of that "shinning armor" she so loved and admired.

The thought of what now lay before her chilled her to the bone. She would face the fear and do it anyway. Santiago held the key. Robyn thought as she stood in Michael's doorway as she had done hundreds of times before, watching him "sleep".
She bent down and kissed his forehead tenderly then whispered softly "I will return, Tio."

She passed by James on her way to the elevator. Standing on tiptoe, she kissed the ghoul deeply: for the lover she had never taken, for what she may never know. She said " Take care of him James " to the surprised man. Then as the elevator doors closed she smiled and mimicked the Arnie line. " I'll be bach"

Moments later the midnight blue Mustang drove out of the garage.

End of Post: The Last Shreds of Innocense
Posted on AOL 25-October-02

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The Time between this post and 86xed :

Robyn drove around San Francisco for awhile, then drove to the Flat Planet Cafe- a mage Chantry. There she met with Santiago, he really couldn't answer all the questions she had. Robyn would not talk about her beloved Tio or admit to anything she knew about the Kindred...which was not much. Tio was a rich business man who happened to be a vampire. Everyone has their flaws.

Michael called Robyn and asked her to come home. Michael had time to think things through and opened his study and library at the estates. He still had his secrets but Robyn could study at home instead of learning from others... Stil Robyn wanted to know that part of her Tio that Michael wanted to remain hidden....a couple months passed Robyn's quest for knowledge grew keeping Michael and James on their toes.

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