The Jail Bird

Her voice sounds exceptionally irritated and just slightly vexed. "Just back off". " You can have the phone in a minute." Chuckles "Geeze! Wait your turn. --Hello, Uncle Michael, um, I'm in jail. I'll tell you about it later." Just a hair of desperation in her voice "Just please get me out of here! Look I don't have credit cards or a checkbook or this embarrassing little phone call wouldn't be happening." Hangs up the phone and takes a seat near the wall, she disliked having anyone sit behind her.

She waited what seemed like hours, being hit up for quarters and teased for her rich girl looks and mannerisms. Robyn decided silence was best early on. Let them think she was ignorant of the streets, why open her mouth to remove all doubt? Their lewd remarks about what she could earn on her back made her blush hard. To silence their laughter, Robyn drew up her personal shields shutting out the world. Time in this place seemed an eternity. A magical escape would only draw more unwanted attention. Lord and Lady knew she was in enough trouble with Michael. So she waited and fell into the sleep of the exhausted waking then sleeping then waking again. She was worn out from the battle of wits and magick.

"Robyn, you cannot come in here while I sleep." Michael awoke at sunset to find her curled up next to him. His earlier explanation of why he slept so soundly had removed all fear from the child. Clad in one of his tee shirts she stood in the middle of his bed looking up at him with unshed tears glittering in her stormy green-eyes. "It was the bad dream, Tio." He looked to the door with its expensive high tech secure locking system opened by a three year old for the 4th time in the five days she had been with him. He smiled, stifling a laugh and gathered the frightened child into his arms. " Next time slap the big dog's nose and growl back." Michael counseled her as he brushed his fingertips over her eyes telling her to sleep. Her eyes grew so heavy she curled back into him and slept. Michael whispered softly "no dreams". His door was not locked after that.

The scene changed

Robyn ran through the penthouse looking for James. Then she was coloring and telling James about the big doggie that chased her. James recognized the creature and searched through a book on dragons. He asked the child if she had seen the doggie in caves at Penasco Blanco. She nodded yes. Her treasure box materializing before them, she took the feathers wrapped with her mother's hair ribbon carefully from the box. Showing a very wide eyed James. In her dreams she remembers how funny uncle Michael looked when James showed him her "treasure" of Quetzalcoatl feathers and explained the dreams. Of a sudden the Quetzalcoatl filled her dreams she awoke with a start to the officer shaking her.

"Wake up, Miss. Mac Allister"

The woman took Robyn's arm helping her to her feet and guiding her through the open cell door. " You are being released." Robyn managed "thank you" before the door closed behind her and she was left in the lobby alone with her uncle. Michael looked so angry. She wanted to run to him, like she did as a little girl. When he turned his back on her and coolly ordered her to the car, she wondered if Michael would forgive her. James closed the black limo door after Michael climbed in behind her. She glanced at Michael from beneath her lashes, but his cool expression silenced any attempt to tell him what had happened. He was furious with her, and for what he believed had happened- he had every right to his anger.

They rode in the entire way from the county jail to the underground penthouse in silence. It was the longest ride they ever had. His anger crackled along the hairs of her arms and made her shiver as if the temperature had suddenly dropped 30 degrees. She was grateful when Michael sent her to her rooms and headed directly for the shower to scrub away the jail stench. Slipped on her favorite electric blue silk pajama bottoms and tank and waited for the "sentence" to be handed down.

After Michael handled cleaning up the mess Robyn created and he calmed down some, and sent for Robyn. She wandered into the room with mixed feelings of mirth and dread - a natural high from surviving an attack from a mage of incredible power. The fates seemed to rule in her favor so far tonight, but Michael was so angry with her. Best to face the music she thought. Michael indicated a sofa across from where he was seated. He asked what she was doing down at the docks after he requested she not go there again. She didn't try to explain what she thought he would not understand. She tried to make light of the situation only to make Michael angrier. He grounded her. 25 years old and grounded!

She bit her lip and thought it best not to point out her age. She got the "you should act more mature" lecture any way. She knew all his lectures well by now; however mouthing them might make him erupt with the velocity of Mt Saint Helens--OoooO the possibilities. That thought almost made Robyn laugh. He was not quite this angry as when she got the 150 mph speeding ticket in the Viper. The memory wound through her mind as Michael went on about responsibility and mature behavior. The policeman was her uncle friend. He knew Robyn would be working to pay off the ticket: the true speed that night will never be known. "Stay in your room tonight" brought her out of reverie. "Yes, Tio." She said and walked to her room thinking- How was Michael able to control her with just his words or a cross look?


Foot notes:
1: James is a computer geek extrodinare.
2. Quetzalcoatl -In short an Aztec dragon/god. A good guy to have in your favor. aka The Lord of the Dawn. He appears as both Dragon and Man in Aztec legend and art.

End Post: The Jail Bird writen and posted 15-October-02

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