Awaken Dead and the FAB FIVE


Upstairs Robyn sees herself for the first time…her skin retained its coloring, a soft golden brown, a slight blush to it. She turned looking at herself in the mirror. She looked remarkably human still. "Not bad" Robyn thought, brushing her tangled hair then her image faded out. Robyn stared at the mirror mouth opened." Hmm bet Chris as a great story for this one.... " The woman busied herself with the things Chris asked of her. Robyn asked her for four things…a white candle, lavender, sage and sea salt. - A recorder flute would be asking too much Robyn thought. The woman looks perplexed and refuses to get her these things… Robyn gently explains "I've no magick that can harm your master… It is a ritual of passage so I may better accept what has happened. The woman nods and by the time Robyn has bathed, she has the items for her. Robyn smiles gratefully.

Robyn leaves the bathroom doors open, letting her towel fall; she anoints her body with lavender, and casts a circle with the salt and sage. Knowing that there would be no magick. Using the cup on the sink she envisioned her past life --all which was lost to her now filling the cup to overflowing. - She sings a soft mournful tune, the Lakota words of the song and prayer indiscernible to the woman.

Robyn leaves the cup upside down on the counter, and remembering that she never saw Michael handle fire, she asks the woman to light the candle for her and set it on the cup. She explains it is a memorial to her past and asks that the candle be blown out in 15 minutes -and left untouched. She stirs the salt and sage with her foot. Then Robyn dresses in the clothes laid out for her… before descending the stairs she kisses the woman on the cheek respectfully "I will not forget your kindness."

Less than an hour has passed when Robyn emerges bathed, her hair brushed until it gleams, a simple classic little black dress, that Robyn makes look elegant, low heeled slides, an silver and moonstone necklace of American Indian design she nearly always wears, and silver hoop earrings. The woman leads her to the dinning room, 6 men rise from the table. Five more new faces. "My friends" Chris introduces her this is your new sister and I want to look after her just like that. Please Robyn have a seat and join us."

Robyn let me introduce you to the guys. "On your left is Gabriel - He is the CEO of the Company." Gabriel, Robyn notes is maybe 20 something- Latino and she greets him by his name. "Next to him is Brandon (Red hair, white, early20s) the head of security for us. On your left is Wyatt (blond hair early 20s) he runs.." He looks at Wyatt. "What is it you do again here?" The guys laugh and they can tell Chris is still high on the effects on Robyn. And those two are the twins Ricky and Ray. (Latino, 30's) Snaps his fingers. That's right Wyatt our attorney. Rick and Ray are the accountants."

For the sake of good manners and not angering Chris " A pleasure to meet you" she turns to each, greeting them individually by name, meeting their eyes as she does -as if each is the only man in the room. During the next hour the group discusses the business, money, the city and every so often the guys would try to sneak a peek at Robyn as she listened intently to the discussion, memorizing details, making notes on the yellow pad in front of her, feeling their eyes on her. Finally she looks up at the one who "peeks" most often and gives him a slow smile that would melt the coldest heart, then turns her attention back to business not waiting to see his reaction or the others.

The clock chimes 9pm. "Okay gentlemen, that's enough about business. Everyone change into something less formal we are going to escort Robyn on her very first hunt." Escort? Robyn thought or keep her from escaping she ponders. Quietly she quips"The Evening's top rated entertainment." All five of them laugh, while standing and gathering up their papers and everything, making their way from the dining room and to their own rooms to get ready.

Do I need to change? She asks Chris. "If you want but you shouldn't in that outfit your meals will be lining up for you to drink from them." A wry smile plays at her lips. "Some things don't change I guess." Chris laughs. "No they don't. Robyn once you find "that" person, keep eye contact with them and your will -will be theirs. Do you understand?"

Noting he is still intoxicated Robyn can't help but ask. "Is it true what myths say about virgin blood?" Chris obviously handles intoxication well, she notes as well. Smirking. "You are not going to comment or even ask are you?" She giggles wickedly.
"Why do you want to know?" He asked cautiously.
"Because you are higher than a kite."
"Virgin blood is the perk of sweetness like a pure chocolate. "
"Must please you immensely to know what you robbed your sire of..." She smiles sweetly, again with that perfect tone not mentioning what he taken from her and she had done him no ill. It should have remained between Chris and Michael. But now, Robyn was in the middle of it. Had she betrayed Michael? Lady and Lord it felt like it. She couldn't help but like Chris.
"Well it does bring a warm feeling to this cold heart." He said smugly. He stands up and makes his way over to her. "Okay lets go."

Transcribed from Role Play logs by Rebecca's Mun

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