Robyn awoke in a strange place, uncertain of what happened but the thirst soon reminds her. She whispers inaudibly "forgive me, Michael." she sits up, looking around the room - Chris provided a man and a woman: Blood dolls. To satisfy the new chylde's hunger.. He couldn't have known there was a chance she would not raise from deaths slumber. Robyn wondered in the first moments of awakening what the consequences of Chris' act would be. Then realized it would have already happened. Fate. It had to be. Best to accept it.

The hunger rose in her like a ravenous beast pushing all rational thought from her mind. She had to feed…She tried to forced it to wait a few moments testing her own self control, then the man asked her if she wanted to drink, offering his arm. The beast took over; Robyn was on the man in a flash, holding his arm with a strength she had not in life possessed. Her small white fangs pieced his flesh easily enough…the taste of his coppery blood an intense pleasure…she nearly drained the man, not knowing to stop when his heart slowed. The blood doll grew weak and fell to the floor most likely saving his own life and Robyn's, she would have went down into death with him. The female blood doll was too startled to say anything she went to the aid of the man at Robyn's feet.

Just then the door opened, two men entered, followed by Chris, he takes a look at the bed
He takes a look at the bed and then over to the where the trio are at.: Ah there's my little girl. Robyn's back to them, her eyes are on the man in the woman's arms… her sorrow so strong she cannot speak…Chris motions to the one of his men and he removes the Dolls from the room. Chris gives her the first lessons Lesson #1: Never drink when the heart slows. Lesson # 2: Don't kill your food. It'll bring down your food supply. Drink only enough to fill yourself. Always keep them alive, Robyn… they stay alive and you survive.

She turns to him, blood tears streaking down her cheeks. "I tried to stop. I…" The morals of a life time were screaming in her brain…Robyn wipes her tears away and with it any show of weakness. She would think about this later -after all those people were there for 'that' reason. With practiced skill she shut off the nagging voice of her conscious. "You must be pleased with yourself." Chris smirked "Well, yes and no. Yes, that I turned you. And no, cause now I have to train you. Now go sit down and lets have a little talk. Her posture straightens; her chin lifts a just short of defiance. She hesitates for a moment, and then obeys him, sitting down on the bed. I am sorry to be such a problem for you. She said in such perfect tones that he wasn't sure if she was sincere or being sarcastic.

He walks over to the corner and takes a chair and makes his way back putting the chair in front of her and sits down. "Okay now I'm sure there are a lot of question you have. Her comment registers in his mind. " Oh you're going to be good."

"I know what I am, I know of the Clan. I know there are factions and sects. I know they'll be some surprises along the way. I'll deal. But what I don't know, Chris, is what you have planned for me."

Oh so you know about the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Good, but remember we don't not belong to either of those sects. We are Anarchs. We are free. As for what I have planed for you. You will be one of my associates. Robyn listens calmly appearing to match that calm. But under all of that performance is fear, fear of loosing her uncle's love -would he think she had betrayed him? Fear of never seeing home again, and looming over it all, Chris' plans. "Why would "I" want to be once of your associates?" Robyn asks. .

"Once I'm done with your training you will do anything in your new power to serve me." Chris said. " What training? I can raid corporations with the best of them... Your sire saw to that. I hold a degree in business from Harvard. I apprenticed with the big boys on Wall Street. That should serve your needs. Robyn so clueless about dominate. And speaking with bravado she does not feel.

I have no doubt about your education, but what would happen if one of those companies CEO happened to find out who did it and came after you, how would be able defend yourself? We Ventrue use more then our brains for raiding companies and soon you will be shown how.

"Dummy corporations and fronts. Good attorneys, the right financiers and a dim witted associate or two to take the fall. Is that what you mean? I know how to hide my trail. But that shouldn't happen if you start with a solid plan. Everything looks legitimate. Timing is key. Business I understand, I never cared for it, but I learned quick to please Michael" She looks about, blinking her eyes, getting used to the predators vision, and feeling as helpless as a new born foal she looks at him, her hazel green eyes meeting his intensely blue ones. "Something about robbing people of their livelihood and their children of the things they need- is morally bankrupt. I don't much like being a part of it."

Chris nodded, whether he was properly impressed, Robyn couldn't tell. He went on "I will show you how to survive fire and sunlight. I will show you how to read others minds and make them do your bidding. I will so you how to be faster then others. And other secrets your uncle refused to show me." "I will not dispute your feelings for Michael…"Robyn stated. "…But I will be appreciative of the training."

Good. Chris said getting to his feet " Now do you want to stay down here or do you want to go up to a better room?" She forced a smile that did not reach her eyes. "Does it mean a bath and a change of clothes? - Yes, please- up". He nods his head, "of course." He calls out and the door opens a female mortal enters. "Take Robyn up to her new room draw her a bath and give her a change of clothing" The woman agrees and motions Robyn to follow. "Thank you, Chris." His voice comes from behind her, "your training begins tonight." It sends a cold chill though her being.

The Becoming Part 2 | AWAKEN DEAD Part 2
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