Eighty Sixed

Okay, so she took stupid pills that evening. So what? She followed him to a bar downtown. Curious as hell to know what Michael did when he was not at TreCom or traveling to this city or that. He was just way to busy for a normal everyday CEO. A little shotgun magick and no one really noticed her enter. Michael was engaged in conversation with his back towards her as she snuck by. She glanced around the bar, then ducked behind the bar and sat on the floor. The bar tender nearly tripped over her. She just held up a hundred dollar bill and he didn't say a word. New guy she guessed. He was new- thank the stars he accepted the bribe. Needless to say, she got an earful by last call. Jim snuck her right out the back door. Nice guy, she hoped he didn't get into too much trouble.

A week later, Robyn slid off of Ragazy's Sportster in front of the bar. Ragazy grabbed the back of her leather jacket and pulled her back. "This is a very bad place, chica." Slipping an arm around her waist he held her tight, and appeared to kiss up her neck. "Don't stay here, girl," Ragazy whispered. "People disappear after being seen here." In the end, Angelo let her go inside.

Robyn took a seat at the end of the bar, un-noticed in the dimly lit smoked filled room. A different bar tender served tonight, 'Tony' she noted from his nametag. She drank soda and listened to bits and pieces of conversation. "Strong stuff you're drinking there, sweetheart' as he sat another coke on the bar.

Michael was across the room talking to woman who could only be described as beautiful as he is exquisite and seductive. Their conversation seemed friendly enough. Robyn gathered courage as walked over to him. "Hi, Uncle Michael." Ut-oh. He looked way to calm. Robyn thought. 'Trouble'. He excused himself from the woman who seemed rather amused. He grabbed Robyn by the shoulders spun her around and marched (yes marched) her towards the bar. "Tony, you see this woman? Don't let her in the club again!" Michael kept her moving towards the door. 'Yes, sir' Robyn heard as Michael said 'Go home little girl."

Angry and deeply hurt she picked a fight with him. Magick rose inside her like a thunderstorm10, crackling across her skin. Gods it was her own magick! Not the cold magic of Michael. Did Michael feel it? She gave up the fight suddenly. "You're afraid someone will make me like you." Unfair. Low blow. The words cut her soul.Had to make him go. Had to. Magick was using her like a lightening rod. She didn't know how to ride it out. Instinctively she knew she had to find bare earth to dispel the energy. Michael, go inside! She fought to keep focused {7} Michael turned his back on her again and walked inside the bar.

Robyn walked for miles it seemed until she found a place to dispel the energy into the earth. Exhausted, she sat on the steps of an old office building, safe in its shadows, while she called Ragazy and McCann. Angelo answered. They were coming. Paradox bit Robyn hard dumping her into a deep dreamless slumber in that shadowy place.

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This short story posted on AOL on 20-February -03 to 03-March-03

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