Rebecca was created 9/13/2002 Mortal stats +45 freebies -no magick.

KINDRED LORE: Earned in play 11/2002 Thru 4/2003
VENTRUE +CAMARILLA LORE: Earned in play 4/2003 -12-05
SUPERNATURAL LORE: Earned in play 4/2003 -11-2003
DOMINATE: Taught by Michael and her brothers (logged)
PROTEAN: Taught by Reaver.(Keir Primus) logged Level 1 and 2 granted through Rp. 3-5 Rp'd and Purchased @84xp
PRESENCE: Taught by Michael, Family and Friends. (Logged)
CONTACTS: Madam Guil through Prince Kisakata Rieszie. Many business and Elite social contacts.
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